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17 de abril

1. 17th of April: The international peasant struggle day People all around the world will commemorate the killing of 19 peasants struggling for land reform in Eldorado dos Carajas (Brazil) on April 17, 1996.

The 13th International Day of Peasant's struggle is taking place across a world shaken by a global multi-crisis affecting food and agriculture, the environment and all of financial and economic life.

Meanwhile, farmers' and people's resistance is growing everywhere and the food sovereignty movement is gaining recognition at many levels of the political and social scene. Just in the past few weeks, the global movement has won important victories. On March 30th, the Free Trade Agreement talks between Central America and the European Union collapsed after Nicaragua left the negotiating table under pressure from social movements including Via Campesina members. If it is signed, this agreement would force more trade liberalisation while the current crisis reveals the dangers of leaving traders managing the world.

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